I would like someone to write me 3 different assignment 3 pages for each  (New Times Roman, double space, font size 12, and normal margins)

the first one is:

Will Tablets be the more than just content delivery but also content makers, the collaboration platform of the future? What are the risks and opportunities of using iPads or other tablets? Are they a laptop replacement? A third device? Which applications drive the most value? http://bit.ly/ic7IUGhttp://bit.ly/dhIFS5 & http://bit.ly/c2agwU

The 2nd one:  

Having data is not enough, having to present it for people to understand it that seems to be key issue. After watching this videohttp://bit.ly/gQgC68, what i

s your reaction to these data tools, what are some other good examples of them that you can find and what are the pros & cons of each?

The 3rd one :

Where do you see the computer information systems in 10 years? What will be the major issues? Prepare a 3 page report based on your findings.