Option 2- Alternative Assignment:

You will benefit most from attending the graded Seminar as an active participant. However, if you are unable to attend you have the opportunity to make up the points by completing the alternative assignment.

First, review the Unit 8 Seminar archive. Use the Seminar Guide below to find out how to access Seminar archives. Then, respond to these Discussion topics in a Word Document of about 250–300 words. Your paper should be in APA format and you should cite all references used. Submit the Word document in the Unit 8 Seminar Option 2 Dropbox.

  • What are the forces behind the changes in family structure over the past few decades?
  • How can family structure perpetuate inequality?
  • How do demographic characteristics (i.e., age, sex, race/ethnicity, disability) influence the way that individuals experience family life?
  • Are the traditional stages of family life still relevant today?