1. Volunteer staffing plan for the opening event (e.g. how many volunteers, where will they be stationed, what will they do, how long will they be scheduled, will they need an orientation or a dry run before the event? etc)

  2. Volunteer staffing plan for the first three months after opening (assuming we will need increased number of volunteers until our Veterans and visitors get used to the building. Same thing again: where will the volunteers be stationed, what will their specifics jobs be, what will their orientation look like etc)

  3. Finally, I want a staffing plan for normal operations. Where are all the regular areas that will be staffed by the volunteers?

The information

1. 15 volunteers will be at the opening event. 6 Volunteers will be outside escorting patrons into the building, 5 volunteers will be assisting in serving food, 4 volunteers will be inside directing traffic. They will be scheduled from 8am-Noon. They will have a dry run a week before event.

2. We will hold 2 orientations for Volunteers and in this orientation we will train them in patient escort as well as teach them the hospital directory so that they can help patients who may be lost. We will do a walk through of the building during orientation. For the 1st 3 months the Volunteers will be stationed in the Voluntary Service Office, Assisting the help desk, And the main entrance to escort and direct hospital traffic.

3.Volunteers will regularly walk the lobby areas to provide coffee, the main entrance to direct patient traffic and provide escort service for those patients who use a wheelchair and some will work in the Voluntary Service Office to help answer phones. Volunteers will be available to assist other departments for whatever their needs are.

This is all the information to the 3 questions, looking to have it beefed up into maybe an essay form or graph form.