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Fennelly (2017) stated that entry and exit points should be identified and those vital to the effectiveness of the total system determined. Physical barriers should be checked at the area considered the most sensitive, such as the vault, cell block, tool crib, or shipping department.

For this assignment, you will research and expound on the following questions as they relate to physical security?

  • List, explain and cite all levels of physical security (one paragraph on each with different sub-header, citation, and detail explanation on all five levels.
  • What is the objective of physical barriers as it relates to this weeks reading assignment?
  • What is the value of planning?
  • According to your reading material,(PROVIDED BELOW SLIDES) itemize all information a security plan should contain, then explain at least three?
  • Requirements
  • All questions should have sub-headers
  • At least two paragraphs with different citations (Do not duplicate) for each question
  • Your plagiarism score should not be more than 30%
  • Ensure to adhere to all the aforementioned writing guidelines in this course

Reading material

  Slide 1

Levels of Physical Security

Minimum Security 

Low-level Security

Medium Security

High-level Security

Maximum Security

 Slide 2

The Value of Planning 

Design-Reference Threat

Layer for Protection

Slide 3


Physical Barriers


Access Controls 

Security Force

Alarm Systems 




Response Force

LLEA Coordination 

Slide 4


The Security Plan


Convincing Oneself That a Proposal is Justified

Convincing Others It is Justified

Companys Experience

Personal Experience 

Formulating the Approach

Presenting the Approach

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