Dear here is my term project you did the first part (I did not get any feed back from the professor)

it is 4 parts here is first two parts I need you to do it and the second two parts will upload it later , please I need to get A+.

1- This is the Project Charter you should use for your individual project plans. It is an example of a reasonable project charter.  The project code name is “VDR”, which stands for Virtual Dressing Room.

This Project Charter is the one you should use when preparing your schedule plans in MS Project, and for other deliverables.

Keep in mind that when your project is finished, its final product will be a mobile APP.  This mobile APP will be sold to multiple customers.  Those customers are stores that sell clothing.  The people buying the clothing in the stores are not your customers.  The people using your APP will be your customer’s customers.

2- MS Project time schedule.

as I said number 3 and 4 I will upload it later we still have time .

Thank you .