The following 5 patients need a heart transplant:

George Mutti  Age 61. Occupation: suspected mafia involvement

Married, 7 children, extremely wealthy, will donate a very large sum to the hospital after the operation.

Peter Santos  Age 23. Occupation: “B” average student

Single, studies hard, helps support poor family, aspires to be a policeman when he graduates.

Ann Doyle  Age 45. Occupation: housewife

  Widow, supports 3 children, small income, no savings.

Johnny Jaberg  Age 35. Occupation: famous actor

Divorced, wife has custody of 2 children, donates to create shelters for the homeless.

Howard Wilkinson  Age 55. Occupation: state senator

  Married, one child, recently elected, financially well off.

Use utilitarian calculus to rank them in order of priority for getting the heart transplant.

Explain your rankings, using as many of the 7 factors of utilitarian calculus as you can:

1)  Intensity   Strength of the pleasure or pain

2)  Duration   How long the pleasure or pain lasts

3)  Certainty   How likely the pleasure or pain is to occur

4)  Propinquity   How soon the pleasure or pain will occur

5)  Fecundity   How likely the pleasure or pain is to be repeated

6)  Purity   How unlikely the pleasure or pain is to be followed by its opposite

7)  Extent   Number of people affected with the pleasure or pain