Using Technology to Improve Student Writing Skills

Today, many students are struggling, unaware of how technology can help them in becoming better writers. However, writing is not an easy skill to master. It can take years and years of practice and a willingness to learn. Yet, with the assistance of technology, it is easier to improve the techniques, skills, and creativity of writing.
Recently, a survey was conducted by 2,462 Advanced Placement (AP) and National Writing Projects (NWP) teachers. Out of which 75% of the teachers believed that technology had helped students in shaping their writing as well as encouraging creativity and personal expression.
Although technology has taken over the writing world, various technological tools can help you boost your writing skills.

Plagiarism Checker

To write something is not difficult; there are several other writers who are creating history. To stand out among them is the real deal. As a student, one should master the writing art by crediting the actual sources you’ve got the information from. Else, you’ll be accountable for data theft. Fortunately, there are online plagiarism checking tools that can guarantee your work to be 100% original. Take care of the plagiarism thing especially when you ask your friends that there is any way to pay someone to write my assignment because when you pay someone to do your assignment make sure of the quality and plagiarism.

Blog Writing

Outside your educational premises, having your own blog can help you experiment with different types of writing until you get to that particular one you are best at. Here you can write about your passions or talk about current world issues which might trigger your viewers’ interest. This will help you in creating something unique and reflect your ideas to a larger audience.

Online Writing-Enhancement Tools

Despite having the ability to engage your readers with excellent storytelling skills, you might not always be correct in grammar or sentence formation. If you want to check whether the material you have drafted is error-free, Grammarly is one of the best writing enhancement platforms. It grades your overall writing style and points to the grammatical mistakes you’ve made in your writing as well as the usage of passive voice.

Use of E-Books

If you’re a student writing a research paper, it is impossible to carry the number of books you have to research from. But! Technology has got your back. You can have all of your books in one place; either downloaded to your PC or in your Kindle device. This allows you to enhance efficiency, increase productivity and improve your writing skills without the need of carrying tones of books around.

Writing and Collaboration

While many students are still handwriting their assignments and quizzes, tools like Google Docs, Evernote, and Notion provides digital assistance. Long gone are the days when you have to worry about your writings and have a fear of losing them. You can now easily assemble your work in these tools that also works as an editor. Google Docs works as an online editor and also allows you to share your documents on Google Classroom. While Evernote facilitates you by keeping all your documents in sync with different devices. Notion helps in generating spreadsheets and collaborates on writing as well as project management.

Grading and Feedback

Once writing has been turned in, every student looks for actionable and constructive feedback. Feedbacks are important because you learn from them. Imagine getting an F on your writing assignment, which you thought was perfect without knowing the cause of the grade.
A professor from the University of South Florida said, ‘Feedback from a range of audiences – including peers and teachers – is crucial to effective communication.’ Yet, the technological tools are making it easy for students to assess themselves before they are actually assessed.

Choosing the best tools

Choosing the best tools
In continuation of the types of tools that can help a student excel in his writing, we have compiled a list of tools that might give you the academic success your papers deserve.

Citation Generator

As a student, it is necessary for you to cite sources you’ve got the information from. Westinghouse is your guide. Regardless of the writing styles (Harvard, Chicago, MLA, APA), you can directly upload your document on WritingHouse to get your citations after creating an account. The best thing is that it gives free service to its users.

Professional Editing Services

The Help.plagtracker can help you best with your document. No matter how good you are at writing, there will be mistakes that will go unnoticed. This online tool will go-through your document to polish it to perfection. It will take care of all the grammatical errors as well as plagiarism percentage if it needs consideration. It also reviews sentence formation and count of sentences where passive voice is used.

Writing Evaluation Services

Planning, writing and revising essays is now a piece of cake. Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service is a web-based, instructor-led writing tool that helps students revamp their papers. You will get immediate feedback on your writing based on grammar, spellings, structure, mechanics, usage, and development. This service treats administrators, instructors and students alike. Having all three tools together – instructional, assessment and communication, is what makes Criterion stand out among its competitors. As an online tool, Criterion can easily be accessible from school, work or home having an internet connection.

Grading Tool

Grade Mark is a grading tool valuable for both students as well as instructors. Instructors can benefit from it by giving valuable feedback to their students. Additionally, students can use this tool to get five different types of feedbacks.

  • Originality Report – a report was suggesting your content is plagiarism-free.
  • QuickMark sets – it allows the instructor to insert comments in your writing where it needs revision.
  • Voice Comments – this ensures that the comments your instructor wants to deliver to you are briefly described.
  • Grading Rubrics – this sets the goal of what your instructor is expecting from you.
  • General Comments – enables teachers to add/give comments on your overall writing.


An excellent online tool for you if you need any kind of assistance with your writing. TutorsClass provides world-class professionals who are a text away to guide you/ give you the academic help you need. When it comes to feedback, constructive feedback from a licensed tutor might help you in improving your writing quality. If you are unsure of how to put your ideas into writing, TutorsClass service can guide and advise you to create what you want.

Remember the Goal

Remember the Goal
With all the tools and services listed above, we hope you can benefit from it and improve your students’ writing skills. Whenever you need help with your academic writing, these technological services can always come to your rescue. Hence, technology has saved us in more than one way – time, money, but when it comes to writing, it is the knight in shining armor. In the end, the ultimate goal is to produce excellent professional writers who are ready for contributing to the digital world.

As the director of the Asia Association for the Global studies and the principal instructor at the Tokyo University, Rab Peterson said, ‘Students today are functioning in an age where technology drives almost every aspect of their lives, so they feel comfortable using digital writing tools.’

Having all the resources – idea to create, writing services to collaborate and these tools to help, writing can be fun and an activity you don’t want to miss out.