use of technology in the classroom

for the reference style please follow the attachment that is attached to these directions.

this is just the prewriting exercise for a persuasive paper that will later be written

paper topic is technology in the classroom helps students develop various skills that are needed in today’s world

1st section: in this assignment start off with one paragraph describing who the audience of this paper (which is not yet written because this is just the prewriting for it) will be.

2nd section:  in one sentence describe the goal of this paper and start this by typing “The goal of this paper is to persuade adults….”

3rd section:  supporting points.  list and number 3 supporting points that you will use in the paper

4th section:  list top 3 sources with summaries of each source.  this should be the annotated bibliography part

5th section:  just list 3 more sources that will be used in the paper (no summaries needed)

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