Threats to HIT Training Plan

Data accuracy and security are crucial to the administration of electronic medical records. Threats to the use of electronic medical records include physical loss or damage, crimes, viruses, and unauthorized access.

Select one of the following topics as it relates to electronic medical records:

Health Systems Security
Health Systems Quality
Health Systems Privacy.
Then design a training plan that focuses on this topic and addresses the following:

Identify various challenges that are present for small practices in implementing an electronic medical record. Are these different from those affecting a large healthcare system? Explain why you think so.
Identify the key stakeholderswho could benefit from training on the threat you selected, particularly as it relates to EMR?
Outline a training strategy that will build the skills needed to effectively support and utilize an EMR.
Determine and explain key elements to be included in the training and frequency of training.
Your training plan should meet the following requirements:

Four to five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.
Support your plan and points with a minimum of three sources

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