Thomas Jefferson wrote this secret message to Congress about the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1803; what does it tell us about Jefferson’s views of westward expansion and Native Americans?

His thoughts about the expansion in the west and the Native’s is that he wants to build it but in a way that can help the Americans and the Native Americans.  Because at first they were fine with selling there but then they saw what was being done to it and they wanted it back.  So Jefferson wanted to expand but in a good way it just wasn’t about the money.

What solutions does Jefferson propose to the friction between the fledgling republic and the Indian tribes of the West?

Jefferson’s solution was for everyone to be farmers yeoman farmers which is to live off of the land of the farmers land and not go else were to fine other means.  Also to have multiply trading houses so that everyone is equal.

What arguments does he use to explain the Lewis & Clark expedition?

some of the arguments that he has is to expand the drug and corps area and make everything better which is a hardship on him.  In the long run it will help him

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