Sun Literary Review

Literary Review

Research / review a six-peer-review article and Scholar articles that relates to the Sun Coast Business problems identified in the Course Project Guidance Document (Attached).

You are looking for articles related to the six elements of research for the project. I.e., lead levels, safety training, particulate matter, etc.

Provide support for or contrasting views of the six topics within an organization

After locating the articles, you will then discuss (in third person format) the benefits of SunCoast applying that approach.

The articles should also be quantitative research articles from primary and secondary sources. Try including words like correlation, regression, t test, and ANOVA in your keyword search criteria.

Develop a Literature Review: (use Template attached)

1.    The article discussion should include the qualifications of the authors, purpose of the studies.

2.    What research methodologies and designs used.

3.    What are the results from the studies, and explanations of how the articles relate to Sun Coasts problem?

4.    Ensure that you also describe how you believe the research made a positive organizational impact.

Guidelines to the Literature Review: (Use Template attached)

a.    Use Third Person Format to write the Literature Review
b.    Use template attached and follow instructions.
c.    Organization should be logical, clear, and appropriate.
d.    You should provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
e.    Essay should end with a conclusion statement to support your essay.

** Need Six (6) peer-reviewed, academic sources other than article attached no more than 5 years old minimum**

** Essay should be 3 Full pages minimum not including Title page and Reference page**

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