Write for one (1) minute using the stream of consciousness writing method (Note:
You may also type it offline and copy it within this discussion thread).
Describe your experience and your reaction to what you wrote. Of the samples of
the stream of consciousness technique given in this week’s chapters, determine
which you prefer and explain the reasons why.

Must use following sources:

Chapter 35 (pp. 1163-1166); Chapter 36 (p. 1189), stream of consciousness –
background and samples

Method and exploration of stream-of-consciousness writing at

Writing a stream: and




Please respond to the following statement:

The puppy has taken its toll on me. I think I need to go therapy shopping. Lord,
if I go I know I will stop at my Mexican Restaurant. OMG if my phone makes one
more noise I will surely go mad. Better call my mom and check on her since it’s
her first day back home. Oh lord; I wonderhow the traffic is going to be if I
even bother to leave the house for some quiet shopping therapy. My feet hurt.
Might have pushed it a bit too far on the elliptical. Hmmm maybe a mani/pedi is
in my future. I wonder how the long weekend will go. Not sure where my mind is
right now but it is ragged and tired. To start with, when we normally write our
discussions, I take the time to make sure my thoughts are fluid and the reader
knows my intent and the message I am putting out there. My mind likes to race
and sometimes try to process too much at one time. Multi-tasking at its
finest.If I were to be doing my weekly discussion I would use my intellect
stream and in this exercise I used my intuition stream. The intellect stream
sorts and categorizes, the intuition understands experiences. You can replay
life in your mind or write it down as you think and you can recall many things
all at once and to no one but yourself might understand the writing. When
sitting down to do your discussion you put together many thoughts and facts but
before you upload them you will want to make sure they are smooth and logical in
their flow of information.