Part 1
Do research on an area of sport that interests you (eg: community relations, basketball operations, corporate sponsorship, ticket operations, etc.). Then identify a current industry professional that works in that area. Once you have identified these items, you will post up a bio about that individual on our discussion board (include their name, title and current organization). Within your post you will answer the following questions:

Why did I choose this individual?
What impact have they had on the sports industry?
Is this a position you would like in the industry? Why or why not?
A great resource for this assignment is to reference the Sports Business Journal online. You will want to search Plugged In. Most issues of SBJ will focus on an industry professional and the impacts they have had in the industry.

Make sure to properly cite your work.

Part 2
The theme and focus of this journal assignment is to review current articles in Street & Smiths Sports Business Journal. Please pick out a story from the publication and conduct a journal review. You must choose an article (not beyond 6 months old & of at least 2 pages of content) and write a review. Discuss the main points of the article as well as ramifications to the sports industry. You can give your insight, but I encourage you to use secondary sources to back up your comments.

In a 3-5 paragraph written journal response, address the following points:

What is the article about?
Who does this topic or issue impact in the sports industry?
Are there any future ramifications to the industry based on this article? If so, please give your insight.
Personally reflect on how you can benefit from the information in the article.

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