SOC of health paper

The overall topic for our 5 page research paper is any
small, nuanced, exact, precise, minute facet within Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care.
Your research paper must contain a minimum of three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly journal
You also can use any other information, which of course needs to be properly cited in your paper.
The primary requirements are that your paper be:
logical (i.e., that you provide evidence to back up your assertions), and
sociological (i.e., that you discuss in sociological terms how social groups/processes/structures
help explain why such-and-such happened, what it meant, and why it is important). DO NOT
Use college-level written English, avoiding errors in spelling and grammar. In-Text citations and
references must be in APA format. Type your short essays in WORD, double-spaced, 12pt font,
indent for paragraphs, standard 1 margins. Please make sure your name is on this assignment.
Submit your paper as one WORD doc/docx attachment to the SafeAssign dropbox. (You can
use Turnitin, but I dont. That said, I do use Google, so if you heavily borrow I will know). I just
learned how to use SafeAssign and if your document is more than 15%, this is alarming, rewrite
and turn it in again.
You MAY resubmit your paper again and again if your Safe Assign originality score is high (aka it
appears you are plagiarizing). Resubmit corrected versions up until the due date.
I like the primary tenets of this assignment.
This what I would add or alter.
Scholarly journals are great, have at least one. Everything else, please document
well, put sources in your Bibliography page and make sure if you pull material,
you cite it.
I certainly want to be able to read your college level work. Avoid slang.
Give me YOUR thoughts on the topic. You chose it. Tell me why.
If you have some issues with finding material, list the material in bullets in a draft
and tell me about each website, link, newspaper article, blog, vlog, whatever you
locate. I can help you sort through it.
Your paper can be exploratory. This means you gather material, write your
paper, tell me about all the information you find that you think is relevant and
then present your conclusions or findings. Explore. If you dont have a finding,
say so. Explain why.
Your topic can be narrow and nuanced, but it doesnt have to be. I am interested
in everything. Id like to see some work on how technology is impacting our
society at every level and how it is affecting health, healthcare, healthcare costs
and more. Will we all end up chipped?

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