Self-Review                                                                                                                            ENG / Ragio
Due:  Thursday, November 21
Min. Length:  1 ½  pages.  Times New Roman.  12 pt. font. MLA format.
For this self-review assignment, I would like you to generously and critically read your own research project.  Please keep in mind that this is the end of the quarter and, therefore, the end of the road for revisions.  Hence, your comments are crucial!  Quote from your essay (your own words) and cite it. You may compose this as an essay, or a letter to yourself.


Some things to consider as you write your review:

Do you state a clear and concise topic and inquiry? What are they?
What types of sources are you using? What is the common thread linking these sources?
Do you introduce the author(s) and the respective piece of work before discussing it?
How are you using each source?
From which source is a claim being countered? How is the claim countered?
Are there sufficient number of quotes (at least one per source)?
How are the quotes/paraphrases integrated within the text? Do they enhance or inhibit the inquiry? Are they analyzed?
Is there a discussion following the research? What is included in this discussion?
How do you conclude the essay?
Where are you most interested?
Where do you need more information? Why?


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