Redlining And Its Legacy

Go to:

Watch the 8 minute film at the top (Redlining’s Still Doing Black America Dirty) and then read the article beneath it: “Redlining: The Origin Story of Institutional Racism” by Michael Harriot.

Then answer the following questions in a 350-word post in essay format:

  1. What is redlining and why/how did it come about?
  2. Who was impacted by redlining?
  3. What is the impact of redlining’s legacy on people of color today? (in terms of education, war on drugs and policing of particular neighborhoods, etc)
  4. Why do you think this article called “The Origin Story of Institutional Racism”?
  5. What are you thoughts and feelings on redlining? (Were you aware this practice and how  much influence it still has on racial inequality today?)

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