Part 1

In the skills assignment consider ways you utilize the Internet and how it impacts your daily routine. Now think about how the Internet is used professionally and how the Internet would apply to your future career. In a 1-2-page Word document, summarize your ideas and provide examples on how the Internet impacts personal and professional avenues.

Use the following formatting techniques to complete the assignment:

  • Document is double-spaced
  • Spacing before and after the paragraphs is zero
  • One inch margins at top, bottom, left, and right
  • Student’s name in header
  • File name (FileName field found under quick parts) in footer
  • Proper spelling and paragraph structure
Part 2

The first step to your Travel Project is to determine a travel destination. When you have made that decision, using Word, create a one-page flyer announcing that The International Travel Company is offering a vacation that goes to the vacation destination that you just decided. You will “sell” some of the exciting features of the vacation in this flyer and give potential travelers information on how to contact you.

In order to successfully complete this assignment be sure that your flyer includes the following list of requirements:


  1. Start the flyer with a catch phase like “Join Us on Your Next Vacation!” (or any phrase you would like).
  2. Using the bulleted format, add information you found regarding:
    • The hotel you have chosen for your vacationers
    • At least one tourist spot vacationers will be visiting
    • The name of one restaurant for fine dining
    • One other exciting fact you found about this destination.
  3. Change the bullet style for the list above to something other than a black round dot.
  4. Use two different fonts anywhere on the flyer; they should complement each other and be easy to read.
  5. Add a clip art image or picture anywhere on the document where you feel it looks appealing. The image should match the theme of this flyer.
  6. All text should be 16 point font or greater for readability
  7. Make at least one alignment change (left, center, or right).
  8. Add bold AND italics to the same text at least once in the flyer.
  9. Toward the bottom of the flyer indicate that if the potential traveler wants more information, he/she should contact you at The International Travel Company, 8900 Parkway, Denver, CO 80010, (123) 555-6666.
  10. Add a page border of your choice to the flyer.
  11. Insert the FileName code in the footer
  12. Document is one page