Psychology Module 2 # 4


  Make an initial post (100 word minimum)  to EACH of the four discussion topics within the first two weeks of the beginning of the course.

 You are required to make at least three reflective posts (100 word minimum) to the comments of other students.   

You must begin by first stating I believe your main (basic)point was.  You may then proceed to discuss your viewpoint and advance or clarify you contribution to the discussion topic.


After watching Cheating Gene video, I learnt that vasopressin is important to make strong bonding between partners. But the gene 334 which is mainly present in men can cause them to cheat their partners. From Helen Fishers research, I learnt that how biology is connected to the behavior of people in love. I also learnt how our brain and hormones are associated with our capability of love and attachment. Also, I learnt the impact of women on business, society, relationship, and love.  

I found both researches very informative. I was surprise to know that infidelity is caused by hormonal changes. How increase or decrease level of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and vasopressin affect the relationship. I agree with these researches, but I also believe that only these factors are not responsible for infidelity. I think that infidelity is caused by lack of mutual respect and trust between the partners. Also, it is caused by lack of closeness between couples where they can openly share personal feelings, expectations, care, and understanding. Blaming only the gene as cause of infidelity does not make sense.  

One of my friends experienced divorce due to infidelity. In their case, wife was unfaithful because she was interested in someone else. Her husband was not making enough money, but he loved her so much. Their relationship problems grew day by day ending up with divorce.  

 I agree that brain and gene play an important role in human motivation and relationships, but in my opinion brain and gene alone do not cause behavior, it is also influenced by the environment.  

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