Prisons/Criminal Justice

Fall 2018- Professor Gagnon
Directions:  Your Midterm (20% of grade) will consist of a research project and report over a sociology topic of your choice.  The specific requirements are listed below along with a sample list of acceptable topics.  You may choose any sociological topic but you should clear it with the professor first.
*6-8 pages double spaced, standard format introduction and conclusions (pictures and graphs are encouraged but DO NOT count towards your 6-8 pages)
*APA Citation (MLA is acceptable in this instance)
*Use at least 3, but no more than 10, different sources in your research
*Your paper should introduce, explain and show your understanding of the topic through your research.  Further you should show some personal reflection on the topic. (e.g. “the existence of the KKK in America”, define and explain what the KKK is, explain how and why the way it is and provide your own thoughts on the sociological issues related to the KKK)
Sample Topics:
-Education system                                           -Feminism                                           -Violence in Media/Video
-Prisons, Criminal Justice                               -Affirmative Action                          -Religion’s Role in Society
-Gangs & Society                                              -Social Change & New Values      -Disappearing Middle-Class
-Immigration and Society                              -Drug Influences on Society         -LGBTQ Issues

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