Persuasive essay

Students will have to write and submit a 500- to 600-word essay on one of the cases listed. Explore how effective or successful you believe is each brand’s approach when it comes to audience engagement, brand recall, and/or click-through rates. Offer strong supportive arguments and evidence to solidify your critical analysis. 

1. Rainforest Guardians (Links to an external site.) website and campaign
2. Simply Chocolate (Links to an external site.) Danish chocolate website
3. Nowness (Links to an external site.) crowdsourced cultural blog and website
4. Greenpeace (Links to an external site.) website dedicated to anti-Palm oil

Submissions must be in APA style and include:

A. Title page
B. Abstract
C. Main body with in-text citations
D. References

The essay will have to offer a critical analysis and in-depth investigation of the case complete with excellent spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Students are expected to apply primary and/or secondary research in their investigation. The case will offer a strong relationship to the field of digital marketing. Students may apply their chapter readings, academic journal articles, and market research to their essay as support for their arguments and include case examples from other resources.

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