Nursing Mid-Term Legal Paper

Nursing Mid-Term Legal Paper

Nursing Mid-Term Legal Paper


The purpose of this paper is to research one legal issue relevant to your area of nursing practice (or an area you would like to pursue in the future). This assignment meets course objectives 1 and 2. The assignment is due on the date noted on the course schedule. Please refer to the syllabus and Navigating NURS 488 for instructions regarding submission of the assignment.

The guidelines for this assignment are:

1. Identify one legal issue relevant to your area of nursing practice (or an area you would like to pursue in the future). Describe how this issue is relevant to your specific day-to-day practice.

2. Research this issue by reviewing scholarly nursing and related literature. At least 5 recent (within 2-5 years) professional references must be used. Older resources that are classic are in addition to these 5 papers. Note: Wikipedia is not a professional resource.

3. Analyze this issue using the literature you reviewed to support your position.

4. Based upon your analysis, draw conclusions as to how this issue affects day-to-day nursing practice. You must support your conclusions with literature, rather than opinion.

This assignment must include a cover page, 3-4 pages of narrative, and a reference list. APA format (6th edition) must be used to format your cover page, headings and subheadings, citations within the narrative, and reference list.

Suggesting heading/subheading format

Title of your paper

Description of (Legal Issue; name your legal issue)

Review of the Literature

Analysis of Position on (Legal Issue; name your legal issue)



“But neither one of us has any of the problems Nikoleta has. We aren’t tired all the time. We work out every day,” replies Mr. Stamos.

“That’s a very good thing, and it has probably helped to keep you and your wife healthy. You both have a much milder form of anemia. Unfortunately, Nikoleta’s condition is more severe.”


12. What is the most likely diagnosis for Nikoleta?

13. What are the general features of this disease?

Part IV – The Doctor Continues

Dr. Stephens continues, “Nikoleta has what is known as beta-thalassemia, which is also called Cooley’s anemia. Do you remember when I spoke with you about hemoglobin and how it functions to carry oxygen? Well, there are two types of hemoglobin proteins involved in the process of carrying oxygen, alpha and beta. You need both of them in order to have properly working hemoglobin. Nikoleta’s beta proteins don’t function correctly. I have spoken to Dr. Jeff Williams, a hematologist who specializes in childhood disorders of the blood. Nikoleta’s condition is very grave and it has a high mortality rate. Her life span may be significantly shortened. Dr. Williams is the best specialist in this area and I believe he will give her the best care possible. He will keep me informed of Nikoleta’s progress. Meanwhile, Nikoleta will still need to see me for her regular checkups. Also, I don’t know what you are considering for the future of your family, but because of these findings, I suggest that you see a genetic counselor before deciding to have another baby. A genetic counselor will give you all the information about how beta-thalassemia is transmitted from parent to child so that you can make an informed decision about having more children naturally.”


14. What is the structure of hemoglobin and how is oxygen bound to it?

15. What are some possible treatments that Dr. Williams will suggest?

16. If you were the genetic counselor, what would you suggest to Mr. and Mrs. Stamos concerning having more children? Why?


Infant formulas.

Cooley’s Anemia Facts and Background.

Children’s Hospital Oakland, Northern California Comprehensive Thalassemia Center website.

Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, Inc. website.

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