Normalization and ER diagrams

The answer to this question should be completed in and submitted for grading.
How to use

1.    (40 points) With the information provided below, create a normalized ER diagram (third normal form) in for the entities in the Academic Database (School Management System). Add in the data relationship lines between entities.
For your convenience, here is a summary of how the Academic Database (School Management System) works:
o    A School/University has many Departments which offer courses to students in a given academic session.
o    Each of these courses is taught by a faculty.
o    Students enroll for different courses in an academic session.
o    Besides the registration details, the parent information of the student also needs to be maintained by the University/School.
o    The Department maintains the students attendance details which would decide the eligibility of the student to take up the exams for that academic session.
o    For each academic session, exams are conducted, and the results are shared with the student within a stipulated period.
o    The Department also maintains a log of the Faculty login and logout time for their reporting needs.

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