Neo-Realism (Anarchy)

Answer the questions below on Neo-Realism (Anarchy)

1.  What is Neo-Realism in International Relations (IR) and how does it differ from Realism?

2.  What are some weaknesses in using only Neo-Realism to interpret IR?

3..  What is implied by anarchy and how does it relate to self-help and security dilemma?

4.  In which situations do states choose balancing; and in which do they choose bandwagoning?

5.  What are the factors that will affect a states threat level as identified by Walt and how does each factor into alliance forming?

6.  Are alliances based on ideology effective?  How has the United States faired in ideological alliances?

7.  How effective are bribery and penetration in building alliances?

8.  The events that have transpired over the last seven years do you agree with Waltzs article, Why Iran Should Get the Bomb?  Explain your reasoning.

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