Much Community Scenario

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-Develop a lead poisoning education and prevention program for a mock community with a richly diverse population and a variety of potential sources of lead exposure. Details of this mock community are bulleted below.

Characteristics of Interest for Mock Community:

Older city
Population of 200,000
Population demographics. (55% white,  35% African American,  5% Hispanic, 5% Other)
Socioeconomic levels are variable.
Community and neighborhood factor large in residents sense of identity, which is true across socioeconomic levels
Public housing community with apartments built in the 1950s
Older historic section of the city undergoing renovation-gentrification 
Ongoing urban renewal efforts spearheaded by city and community leaders to re-purpose abandoned spaces, including creating play grounds, parks, and community gardens.

Based on the above characteristics:

Identify 3 community groups or populations potentially at risk for lead exposure. For each of the three groups, Identify 2 potential sources for lead exposure and for each of these identify cultural values and practice in a community that would be relevant to the design of a lead poisoning and education prevention programs. As youre working through the assignment, there could be overlap between groups and sources of exposure and this is fine; just be sure to explain the relevance of the associations for each. The goals here is to demonstrate your understanding and awareness of how cultural values and practices in a community are relevant to the design of a public health program.

Discuss briefly (a  few sentences or a short paragraph each would be sufficient) how each cultural value and practices in a community are relevant to program design. Present your information in a bulleted essay or in a table format. Additionally, please cite source material as appropriate- using APA style. 

Remember: Youre not actually designing a lead poisoning education and prevention program for submission; youre only identifying cultural values and practices in a community that would have relevance to the design and implementation of your program.


Lead Safe Virginia

World Health Organization:

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