Motivation and Empowerment

Leaders motivation and empowerment Essay

For your Essay you will be addressing how leaders in your current or past organization handle motivation and empowerment. You can use a civic, volunteer, or school experience as the basis for your essay.

Guidelines to the Essay:

1.    Include background information on the organization you are discussing.
2.    Describe how situational factors, such as the structure, size, environment, and geographic location of the organization, may affect the leaders success.
3.    Examine the tools and techniques the leaders are currently using to motivate or empower individuals within their organization.
4.    Address whether or not these tools and techniques are successful in motivating both you and other employees. Be sure to include examples.
5.    Conclude by suggesting improvements that could be made to enhance the leaders abilities to motivate and empower.

Format and guidelines:

a.    The essay should begin with an introduction to the topic.
b.    Organization should be logical, clear, and appropriate.
c.    You should provide strong evidence of critical thinking.
d.    Essay should end with a conclusion statement to support your essay.

** The format of the submission should be in essay format using subheadings.

** Need three (3) peer-reviewed, academic sources no more than 5 years old minimum**

** The Essay should be 2 Full pages minimum not including Title page and Reference page**

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