It’s a public health and environmental science paper. I have attached a slide I started. Thanks. APA Writing, References, and Citations. 5-8 slides each.

Superfund Site:

A now closed car rental headquarters once resided on property in your community.  Several underground storage tanks were removed upon cleanup, and now contamination has been found in multiple drainage areas. Groundwater flows 20 feet below ground at this site. Your team will need to define and characterize at least two chemicals that have been found at the site and their associated risks for groundwater contamination. 

The 2 chemicals are—- GASOLINE AND WASTE OIL

– Slides describing how the health department plans to monitor the health status of the community with respect to your scenario. 

Evaluation– Slides describing how your solutions will be evaluated.  Briefly explain the evaluation design, including outcomes to be measured, and a few strengths/limitations of your approach.