Methionine Function in Human Biochemistry

Write an essay about methionine – met – M function in human biochemistry. Essays with less than 1000 words will receive reduced credit.  Your reference list does not contribute to the word count. You can use any resource to acquire information about your amino acid, but the writing must be entirely in your own words. Remember we are seeking biochemical information at a molecular level, not just nutritional requirements. Cite at least three references that you used to answer this question.

-Is methionine an essential or nonessential amino acid in humans and what is the difference?
-If this amino acid is essential in humans how is it synthesized in other organisms?
-If this amino acid is nonessential how is it synthesized in humans?
-What are the characteristic features of the R-group of methionine?
-Where would methionine normally occur in protein structure and why?
-What function might the methionine amino acid play in enzyme binding and catalysis?
-Does the methionine amino acid have a function as an intermediate in metabolism?
-Does the methionine amino acid serve as a precursor of other biological molecules?

    Submit the essays of at least 1000 words length on or before the deadline.
o    Essays submitted late will lost 10% per day.
    The writing must be ENTIRELY in your own words.
o    Important!  Material copied from other sources is plagiarism and will result in reduced credit.
o    Please do not copy and paste from sources and then try to add your
own words to try to fool the Turnitin system.
o    Egregious examples of plagiarism will result in zero credit and may lead to disciplinary action.
    Essays with less than 1000 words receive reduced credit.
    Your sources should be cited in the text, not just at the end.  Those sources should be from published reports or articles.  Previous essays by other students should not be used as a source of information for your essays.
    Quoted material should not be used and will not be included in your word count.
    The reference list does not contribute to your word count.
    Any or all of the assignments may be submitted as early as you desire and will usually be graded within a few days of submission.
    For these essays, please use complete sentences, acceptable grammar, appropriate punctuation and normal paragraph structure.
    Your grade will be based on content, clarity, accuracy and fluency as well as acceptable writing style and grammar.
    The essays should be completely original works written by you in your own words with no sentences lifted from other sources.
    All submissions will be monitored by Turnitin to ensure that they contain your original writing.

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The post Methionine Function in Human Biochemistry appeared first on Savvy Essay Writers.

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