Marketing Plan

Virtual reality (V/R) suit with a helmet that acts like a super karaoke machine that triggers all five of your senses so that you can experience any recorded concert in history.
Geographic location to market to CA, NV, and AZ
Advertising Plan (Mandatory) in addition to your Marketing Plan Presentation
Create an accurately estimated working budget that will utilize the provided $2 million in funds fully and effectively. Choose the best ad-running start date, and plan from that date.
State why you chose the media that you suggested.
Create a social media strategy.
Explain or demonstrate what it would be like.
Explain how the company is to properly use at least three social media tools (services).
Mandatory: Explain how the company can create and then sustain an online social community
Offer at least one creative marketing strategy to help the company break through the market by creating positive word-of-mouth or viral moment.
Create two public relations press releases. Present those releases and explain when they are to be released.

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