Local Sporting Event

for this assignment, attend a local sporting event in your community.  This could be a professional game, an athletic race or competition, or  even a high school match. Take notes during the event, keeping track of  exciting plays but also noting factors like a coach’s involvement, the  reactions of teammates, or any other noteworthy occurrence. After the  event, compose a recap as if you were going to publish it as a press  release. Your written response should contain the following components:

  1. Background   In two to three sentences, relate to your instructor what event you  attended, when and where it was held, and for which platforms you are  writing this recap.
  2. Communication Assessment  In 150-200 words, describe the types of communication you observed at  this event. Were there any reporters from local TV stations or  newspapers at the event? Was the event broadcast on social media? Did  the event have an announcer? Was the scoreboard digital? Think outside  the box about how technology influenced the event not only for the  spectators attending, but for those hearing about it after the fact.
  3. Initial Game Recap   In 100 words or less, craft a succinct but informative summary of  what happened in the event, something that you could write up while the  event was in action and post immediately when it ended. If the event was  a game, you may want to include the final score along with some details  about what made the event interesting. This communication is meant to  be straightforward and to the point, letting fans know how the event  played out.
  4. Main Recap Elaborate on your  Initial Game Recap and round it out into an article that could be  published in a newspaper, sent out as a press release, or posted on a  blog or online news site. In 500-700 words, provide more detail and  context for what happened at the event, perhaps in a chronological  format. If you had a chance to speak with the coach or any of the  players, you may want to include quotes from a pre- or post-game  interview. Or maybe you could spin the recap from a human-interest  angle, focusing on the efforts of an individual player.

this has to be a sporting event in the US 

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