Is Fashion art? Introduction + Conclusion

Hi, I need a 800w introduction + 800w Conclusion for my dissertation:

” Does the art institutions consecrate fashion items to make them art ? “

Please find below my detailed Plan:       

My 3rd Chapter is the link with the collection I’ve designed. All my inspirations have been based on Cabaret/ Freak Show/ Weimar Culture. (This chapter is less important than the 2 others.  )

You can find attached my Dissertation proposal + Reading list

I. Theoretical issues

A) What is Art since its creation ?
    Art = Aesthetics (either beauty / Ugliness)
1) Theorist
    a) R. williams “Historical introduction”
    b) R.W Hepburn “theories of art 1999”
        -Art as representation (imitation / display)
        – Art as expression  ( Feelings / Emotions)

  2) Institutional theorie question
    a) Bourdieu – Institutions legitimates things to make them art
                        – Canon theorie
    c) Greenberg – Institutions art theories

Transition : S.B Kim ” is fashion art”
                    – the most important in fashion is aesthetics (idem for art)

B) Is Fashion Art?
  a) S.B Kim ” Is fashion art?”
      – Fashion = art in a post modern world

  b) A. Geczy & V.Karaminas “Fashion and Art”
  c) A. Geczy & V.Karaminas “Fashion and Art” : (V. Steele ” Fashion”)
      – “Haute Couture”

  d) L. Ingrid “When is Fashion Art”
      When clothes become fashion

II. Case Study

A) Musee Bourdelle, Paris
    – Fashion Exhibitions in an Art Space

B) Mondrian Collection, Yves Saint Laurent
  – Art in Fashion Space

III. Relation to my collection

A) Description of my collection
    – Blurring boundaries
    – Gender Question

  B) Link : A. Geczy & V.Karaminas “Fashion and Art”
              -Fashion Frivolus // Art High culture


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