Mod 7 Assignments

Part 1 (25 points): Please complete the Skill Building Application from Chapter 14, Exercise 14-1 “Insubordination”  Look at the five examples listed. Select one, a combination of several, and/or create your own solution. Explain and defend your choice. Provide a consequence or series of consequences to this type of behavior.  Finish the exercise, then discuss, using examples from your work life to support your position.

Part 2 (25 points): As a leader, there may be a time whereby punishment or penalty of an employee may seem necessary. Each individual’s life history is different, and there might be negative ripples associated with discipline. Not everyone accepts punishment in a responsible manner. What methods would you use to correct, modify, and/or adjust negative conduct?

Please remember you will need to work with this employee in the future and need to preserve working relations. You may wish to research the concept of “Discipline Without Punishment” to gain a better understanding of the alternatives available to you. Review several articles before you comment. 

As applicable, please cite your references