Innovation in Family Firms: A Systematic Literature Review and Guidance for Future Research

Please find attached the copy of the article selected from Int. J. of Man. Reviews for the article review assignment. (Attachment 1)
You are expected to prepare a review report based on the guidelines as put forward in the article by Jane Webster and Richard T. Watson (“Analyzing the Past to Prepare for the Future: Writing a Literature Review”, MIS Quarterly, 26(2), 2002), (Attachment 2)
The review report should essentially be based on critical evaluation of the article (Attachment 1) in line with guidelines and criteria suggested by Webster and Watson * Attachment 2). The size of review report should be around 800 words.
The structure of Paper should include:
1- Introduction :
The title of the report should be interesting and attractive for the reader and it should include
How well the writers did their job
The quality of their research?
Analyze their paper are the writer carefully explained their objectives and aims?
Mention about the innovation dynamics
Mention about research paths in page 2
Its written in the article that there are other reviews for the article in page 2 second column first + 2nd paragraph – this support the informalities and the methods
2- identifying the relevant literature
Explain their methodology (how they did it?) for example: online data bases, business journals …..) they were very comprehensive in their research
Focus on research papers
Abstract analysis
They did a hand searching and citations
They use quantitative and qualitative studies
A lots of tables
Comment on the references of the article ( answer: he didn’t use books .. why it’s a good point)
They used Peer reviewed journals , book chapters, non-referred and academic journal
As for example mentioned on a table that from 2505 reviews they only come up with 118 (page 2)
How they mention about past studies
Aim of the study in page 322 (we should summarize one of them, what they come with?)
3- structuring the review
the author used excel tables
Data collected for years 1961 to 2017
He chose sed 180 article from 2005 articles
Write comment of the data ( data is very comprehensive, clear data, good quality staff
Theoretic prospective (use tables) the researcher decided the tables into categories
How they analyze the data ( answer: tables summaries the info very well …)
Go through the 7 avenues and comment on them ( not in details)
4- tone
The author did well or not
Review about the methods
He was very critical or not
comment that on the past present and future researched
5- Tens
What the writers are mentioning most? Present or past? Why?
Author tend to use present but sometimes they use past
Mention as much as possible the present
6- Summary ( explains what they did)
They created 8 different avenues
Answer those questions wither they did this or not
Motivates the research topic and explains the reviews contributions
ï describes the key concepts
ï delineates the boundaries of the research
ï reviews relevant prior literature in IS and related areas
ï develops a model to guide future research
ï justifies propositions by presenting theoretical explanations, past empirical findings, and practical
ï presents concluding implications for researchers and managers.
And on top of this, the exemplary review article should be explanatory and creative!
A brief paragraph about all what is written in the literature review and if there are any limitations
The post Innovation in Family Firms: A Systematic Literature Review and Guidance for Future Research ACADEMIC ASSISTERS. ACADEMIC ASSISTERS.

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