1. Conduct an Internet search to answer the following question: How did Presidential addresses and Supreme Court rulings begin to change the lives of the American people beginning in the mid-20th century? Note: When conducting your research, do not copy and paste this question into a search engine. Instead, simplify your research by searching key words.
  2. List each of the three sources in the chart provided.
  3. Evaluate each source according to its accuracy, currency, bias, and authority. An example has been completed for you.

Gathering Information Worksheet: Part One

Title and URL Accurate? How do you know? Current? How do you know? Biased or
Unbiased? Explain
Authority? Explain Overall

Teaching With Documents:
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Yes, the author cites other well-known, reliable sources Yes, it was written this year (2014)  Unbiased? Explain”>Unbiased because the author shared facts and evidence and not her own opinions  Yes, the author has a doctorate in this field  Reliable?”>Yes
Unbiased? Explain”>  Reliable?”> 
Unbiased? Explain”>  Reliable?”> 
Unbiased? Explain”>  Reliable?”>