Helping Seniors Cope with the Loss of a Spouse

In Module 2, Unit 4, you will submit a brief outline of your proposed project identifying the following:

    Problem to be addressed and prevalence-
    Target population- (Seniors)
    Three SMART goals your proposed interventions
    Annotations of at least 5 relevant scholarly sources
        Note: Annotations means that you will provide the full APA formatted reference followed by a short paragraph summarizing the article.
    Structure of proposed intervention (duration, services, and format)

Examples of possible projects include a proposal for a group in schools or an agency setting, writing a journal article submission on grief issues to a professional counseling journal, a videotaped interview/reflection paper with a clinician/practitioner working with grief and loss issues, a board game, a social media app, or other creative activity/tool in working with clients experiencing grief and loss issues.

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