Global Cultures Signature Writing Assignment


After watching the Belgian / French film Fear and Trembling, respond to the following prompts in an essay (a minimum of 750 words.).  Please clearly address each prompt (1-4) and each of the components within each prompt.

Prompt 1: Imagine that you took over Amelies position in that company after she left and that she had explained in detail what had occurred there. What did you learn about Anglo-European and Japanese cultural differences from this information (in the film)  that would help you succeed better than she did? Would it have made any difference if she were a man?

Prompt 2: How are women treated differently from men in the film?  Describe similar situations that you might have witnessed or heard about in an American context. Are these matters that would have been reported to an American Human Resources Director?

Prompt 3: On a 1-10 scale per item, apply the Ten Cultural Contrasts to Amelies work performance review at the end of her year at the Yumimoto Corporation from both the perspective of her supervisor, Mori Fubukis,  and the one she would have gotten at an American or Western European company. From your perspective which review would be fairer?[DE2]  NOTE: Since you will probably be renting the film, be sure that you closely evaluate it when you have access.  The Mori Fubukis work review and Amelies response occur at one hour 24 minutes (1:24) until the end of the film.

Prompt 4: What are three specific instances of stereotyping that you noticed in the film? Describe the instances and why you considered them to be cultural stereotyping. The film was made in 2004. How might the situations have changed if it were made today?

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