Fashion Retailing

Prepare an analysis of your chosen fashion retailer. The weight of each question is in parentheses at the beginning of each question. Your analysis should answer the following:
1. (20%) Identify the fashion retailers retail strategy to include:
a. The retailers target market(s) and positioning.
b. The retailers complete retail mix (remember, this is different than the
Four Ps!).
c. The retailers sustainable competitive advantage(s).

(Chapters 1 and 5)
2. (20%) Identify the fashion retailers direct (intratype) competitors and indirect
(intertype) competitors (minimum of two for each). Then outline the fashion
retailers strengths and weaknesses comparative to each of those

(Chapters 1 and 2)
3. (30%) What are logical growth opportunities for your fashion retailer? Identify
and evaluate at least three different opportunities the company should

(Chapter 5)
4. (15%) Identify and thoroughly explain at least three traits in the environment
(look at both the internal and external environmental factors) that may
adversely affect the fashion retailers performance in the next year.

5. (15%) Assess the fashion retailers performance and position in the
marketplace, and prospects for the future. For example:
a. Is the retailers future promising or questionable? Why? (Remember: give
statistics and facts to back up your opinions!)
b. What does the company need to do in the future to provide strong
financial returns?
(Chapters 5 & 6)

Question Answer Format

You must include proper in-text citations f you use any external sources
(even the textbook). in your paper! APA formatting is preferred.

Opinions have to be backed up with facts and evidence, but do not let
research overshadow your own analysis. I do not want papers of just quotes and
analyses from an expert in the field! The critical thinking and analysis needs to come from YOU!

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The post Fashion Retailing appeared first on Savvy Essay Writers.

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