Family Violence

Overall Reaction: What is your overall reaction to the chapter for this week (not whether you liked or didn’t like it, but how it expanded your knowledge on the issue)? What was new or interesting, surprising or shocking, or changed your viewpoint on the particular weekly topic? Make sure that you cite sources throughout your post to support your claims.
Personal Experience/Shared artifact: What issues were presented in the reading that directly or indirectly relate to your own experiences or observations (e.g., have you had personal experience with the issues discussed, or have you recently observed someone’s actions or a news article that relates to the topic/s mentioned in the chapter? If you haven’t had any experience, find an artifact (website, article, etc.) that relates to this topic that you can share with your classmates. Be sure to briefly summarize it.
Questions Raised: What questions were raised for you while reading the material this week? (Note: Work to find questions, be critical, try to understand.)

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