Design a class named Clock. You should use your IDE. 

The class contains –

  • Extensive In-line comments providing additional insight into code design and functionality
  • private data fields for startTime and stopTime
  • a no argument constructor that initializes the startTime to the current time, 
  • a method named start() that resets the startTime to the given time, 
  • a stop() method that sets the endTime to the given time and 
  • a getElapsedTime() method that returns the elapsed time in seconds.  
  • Create a TestClock class to construct a Clock instance and return the elapsed time. 
  • Command line arguments should be used to send the start and end times. 

You should use the java.time classes. Here is sample run: 

java TestClock 11:45:12 11:48:13 

Elapsed time in seconds is: 181 

***Programming instructions

  • Design (5 points) – Exhibits proper use of parameters, and selection of data types all of the time. Employs correct and appropriate use of programming structures (loops, conditionals, classes etc.) all of the time. Efficient algorithms used all of the time.
  • Functionality (10 points) – Extra effort was apparent through the addition of significant and additional functionality beyond the scope of the assignment.
  • Test cases (5 points) – Test cases provide comprehensive coverage of all code paths. Discussion of run-time errors included.
  • Java Style Guide (5 points) – Code impeccably neat and well-organized. Extensive In-line comments providing additional insight into code design and functionality

***Submission requirements:

Your deliverables should include a single word documentYour word document should include screen captures showing the successful compiling and running of each application, and a detailed description of the test plan for each application. The screen captures should document your successful use of the IDE. The test plan should include the input, expected output, actual output and if the test case passed or failed.