This needs to be college level not overly long a paragraph on each using the website provided or any other source you want.  Please include the website you use or cite within your paragraphs

Respond to the following prompt: According to the–en/index.htm115 million children ages 5-17 are in hazardous child labour (Links to an external site.). Say that a friend of yours owns a textile business that is doing quite well, but she has been advised that she could build factories in (fictional country) Danada that would save her a significant amount in labor costs (up to 40% according to some estimates), but that would no doubt involve children laboring in dangerous and burdensome conditions.

(a) How would an ethical relativist advise your friend as to whether she is ethically justified in moving her factories to Danada and assuming that hazardous child labor conditions would exist in those factories?

(b) How would a utilitarian ethicist advise her?