English 1 College Assignment

 1. What is the function of the story that opens this reading? What feelings does the story evoke in you? 

2. What is the effect of all of the products and brand names that Lasn includes in this article? 

3. How does Lasn define the term Cult? How is his definition different (and similar to) the common usage of the word? 

4. Thinking rhetorically: In this article, Lasn uses the rhetorical strategy of direct address that is, he uses the pronoun you and directly addresses readers of the article. Why do you think Lasn uses this strategy? What effect does it have on you as a reader? How does the strategy of direct address contribute to (or detract from) Lasns argument? 

5. Thesis: in one sentence, summarize Lasns main point in this selection. Then discuss if you agree or disagree with him and why you feel the way you do. 

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