title:Energy transfer using peptide nano structure

—The aim applying peptide nanotube templates with optically active two molecule systems.

-Studying the photophysical properties of the prepared nano/micromaterials, focusing on the effect of the dyes on the structure of peptide.

-To demonstrate a novel material for energy transfer

—Challengesis it possible to co-operate dyes inside the nanotube?

– Does diphenylalanine peptide nanotube with (TMPYP and Rodamine B) optically active molecules lead to enhance energy transfer?


— chapter 1 —introduction 5 pages 

 —chapter 2 abstract

—chapter 3 literature review 10 pages about the former research scientists and their experiments that is same my experiment using same materiel with different dye and their result, to compared it with my experiment.  

—chapter  4  Â—Experimental section:

——-Material & methods.


—E2 =RHB

—E3  =FF






——Lap work.

—Prepare Peptide nanotube (FF), (1-methyl-4-pyridinio) porphyrin tetra (p-toluenesulfonate) (TMPYP) and Rodamine B stock solution with different concentrations.

—Drop casting over coverslip slides.

—Characterisation techniques:

– Optical microscopy imaging.

– Fluorescent spectroscopy/microscopy image.

– UV- Vis spectroscopy.

– Raman spectroscopy.

——Results.not ready  yet 

——Prospects for the future.

——Conclusions.3 pages 

——References:.25 academic references 

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