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1.Do you believe government efforts to manage the economy usually make things better or worse? Provide research support for your positions.

Professional sports and big-league cities go hand in hand. Hosting a professional sports franchise is evidence that a city has arrived per-se – that is not simply a large city but a major league city. Moreover, acquiring or retaining professional sports teams has become important in local economic development plans.

2.From your perspective, is it wise for a major “metropolis” to promote professional sports?

 3. What are the advantages/disadvantages? 

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Lee, R.D. & Johnson, RW. (2008).  Public budgeting systems (8th ed.).  Sudbury, MA:  Jones and Bartlett.  ISBN: 9780763746681

  • Chapter 14: Intergovernmental Relations
  • Chapter 15: Government, the Economy, and Economic Development