Discussion: The AMIA Certification

Discussion: The AMIA Certification

Discussion: The AMIA Certification

Discussion: The AMIA Certification


Week 3 discussion DQ 1 Take a position on whether the ANCC or the AMIA certification is better in healthcare informatics. What led you to that determination? DQ 2 Choose a change management theory and describe how you would apply it to the implementation of a new healthcare technology in your area/speciality of nursing.

Health Informatics professionals lead the development, implementation, management and evaluation of information and communication systems designed to improve clinical and public health processes and outcomes, enhance patient and health professional interactions with the health system, and strengthen the ability of communities and individuals to manage their health. Health informatics professionals include individuals who come to informatics through a range of pathways including, but not limited to, dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health, health informatics, and computer science training.
AMIA is establishing certification for health informatics professionals who practice or seek to practice at an advanced level.  This certification  is being developed for the full spectrum of applied health informatics professionals who are not eligible for the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty.
In November 2019, AMIA established the Health Informatics Certification Commission to finalize plans for and oversee the AMIA Health Informatics Certification (AHIC).  The 14 member Commission will be responsible for eligibility, examination development, and recertification requirements.  Commission members represent different primary health domains, practice settings, and career stages.
The Certification Commission will announce details about AHIC in 2020.

AMIA is one of many collaboration organizations representing a unified voice for nursing informatics.

ANI represents thousands of nurses and brings together over 30 nursing informatics groups that function separately at local, regional, national and international levels.

ANI is dedicated to:

  • Fostering further development of a united voice for nursing informatics
  • Providing a single point of connection between nursing informatics individuals and groups, and the broader nursing and healthcare community
  • Providing a mechanism for transforming care, developing resources, guidelines and standards for nursing informatics practice, education, scope of practice, research, certifi cation, public policy, terminology, best practice guidelines, mentoring, advocacy, networking and career services
  • Supporting individual membership in the affiliated nursing informatics organizations

ANI membership is open to organizations that focus entirely or have a component that focuses specifically on nursing informatics.

ANI Strategic Goals and Activities

  • Maintain and increase communication channels to expand our membership outreach
  • Encourage nursing informatics competencies, education, training, publication, and professional development
  • Engage in issues of national importance in health information technology and provide leadership
  • Promote and enhance the professional practice of nursing informatics
  • Support nursing informatics research

If your organization would like more information about joining ANI, visit our website at

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