Discussion: Tenets of the Code of Ethics

Discussion: Tenets of the Code of Ethics

Discussion: Tenets of the Code of Ethics

Discussion: Tenets of the Code of Ethics

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Week 8 Nine Tenets Essay Reviewing Appendix B in Butts, choose two of the Nine Tenets of the Code of Ethics for Nurses and describe how you will personally apply each tenet in the practice setting with your patients. Describe in detail the purpose of the tenet and provide examples of the tenet applied in practice. Explain why it is important to uphold the tenet in maximizing the quality of patient care, and identify how it enhances your own practice as a nurse. Your paper should be 1-2 pages. Include a title page and a reference page to cite your text. Adhere to APA formatting throughout, and cite any outside sources you may use. Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded.

The code of ethics for a professional association incorporates values, principles, and professional standards. A review and comparative analysis of a 1934 pledge and codes of ethics from 1957, 1977, 1988, 1998, 2004, and 2011 for a health information management association was conducted. Highlights of some changes in the healthcare delivery system are identified as a general context for the codes of ethics. The codes of ethics are examined in terms of professional values and changes in the language used to express the principles of the various codes.

Keywords: values, ethics, code of ethics, health information management, health information management professional, health information management professional association, ethical decision-making, healthcare system


People have been creating medical records since antiquity, as evidenced by the drawings of medical conditions and surgeries in the cave wall paintings created by early humans. In the early days of the United States, Benjamin Franklin created the first patient information register at what is now Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia with the “… patient’s name, address, disorder, the dates of admission and discharge with the result on discharge….”1 The health information system of today is incredibly complex, and a code of ethics is an important resource for the decisions that must be made at work. The principles in a code of ethics can provide invaluable assistance for the ethical health information management (HIM) leader.

Initiation of the Medical Record Professional Association

In 1912, a “Club of Record Clerks” met at Massachusetts General Hospital to study clinical records, and Grace Whiting Myers attended the meetings. In 1913, the American College of Surgeons (ACOS) was founded, and in 1928 the ACOS needed a mechanism to review the surgical work of their fellowship candidates, based on the submission of medical records. “The College thus realized that some method would have to be devised in their standardization program to provide better medical records for use not only by candidates for fellowship, but also for something much more important—for efficient care of the patient in present and future illnesses, for the medicolegal needs of the hospital, physician and the patient and for use in medical research.”2

The ACOS sought to properly evaluate the work of the surgical candidates for fellowship; hence the need for standardization in record content was identified.3 The ACOS contacted Grace Whiting Myers, librarian emeritus of Massachusetts General Hospital, and she organized the activities for the conference, which was attended by medical librarians from the United States and Canada. She was appointed as the first president of the Association of Record Librarians of North America (ARLNA).4, 5 This conference elevated the standards for medical records by addressing the content, availability, and preservation of the medical record.


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