Discussion: Plan for Clinical Decision

Discussion: Plan for Clinical Decision

Discussion: Plan for Clinical Decision

Discussion: Plan for Clinical Decision

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Week 2 Strategic Plan for Clinical Decision Support Implementation Paper Building on the activity you have just completed, create a two- to three-page strategic plan (paper) using APA format and a minimum of three scholarly sources. Examples of scholarly sources include professional journal articles and books obtained from library databases, national guidelines, and informatics organizations, published within the last five years. Please include the following information in your plan (organize using headings): The approach you would take to ensure all aspects of patient care are considered Define and describe a minimum of five CDS supports you would include How you would prioritize the efforts Potential areas to focus on that are related to payment rates, national quality measures, CDS interventions that meet meaningful use requirements, readmissions for congestive heart failure and other care events, and areas identified as institutional priorities for clinical improvement How you would balance the need to deliver the CDS capabilities quickly against the benefit of establishing a robust infrastructure Identify one area for quality and improvement and what CDS strategies you would implement to improve that area Define how your approach aligns with best practices such as CDS Five Rights, CDS 10 commandments, and the desire to use standards-based scalable approaches Include how you will systematically measure the effect of the CDS interventions

A clinical decision support system (CDSS) is an application that analyzes data to help healthcare providers make decisions and improve patient care. It is a variation of the decision support system (DSS) commonly used to support business management. A CDSS focuses on using knowledge management to get clinical advice based on multiple factors of patient-related data. Clinical decision support systems enable integrated workflows, provide assistance at the time of care and offer care plan recommendations.

When using clinical decision support systems, data mining may be conducted to examine a patient’s medical history in conjunction with relevant clinical research. Such analysis can then help predict potential events, such as drug interactions, or flag disease symptoms.

Purpose of CDSS

The purpose of a clinical decision support system is to assist healthcare providers, enabling an analysis of patient data and using that information to aid in formulating a diagnosis. A CDSS offers information to clinicians and primary care providers to improve the quality of the care their patients receive.

CDSS tools can, for example, offer reminders for preventive care, give alerts about potentially dangerous drug interactions and alert clinicians to possible redundant testing their patient has been scheduled to undergo. As such, using a CDSS can lower costs and increase efficiency.

Some providers deploy a CDSS to flag patients who were improperly diagnosed or either missed or was given the wrong dosage of medication. These errors are added to problem lists and are included in population health management (PHM) reports that can serve as the basis for improvement initiatives.

Why healthcare professionals use a CDSS

Clinicians use a CDSS to diagnose and improve care by eliminating unnecessary testing, enhancing patient safety and avoiding potentially dangerous and costly complications.

The use of clinical decision support systems increased after passage of the HITECH Act(Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), which stipulated that providers had to demonstrate the meaningful use of health IT by 2015 or face a reduction in Medicare reimbursements the following year.

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