1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUp9mUyVIGA&list=PLj9QyIZlTsEwoviOXiP2NevQvalqrXL1f

2)  http://www.upinspire.com/inspire/430/racial-barber-shop-gets-caught, “What would you do?”

3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC7ANGMy0yo&list=PLE4C146A454809B05, presented by Matthew Taylor. This video is the property of The RSA and is used under the public domain guidelines found at) http://www.thersa.org/events/about-events/rsa-video-and-audio-file-usage-policy


There are four videos for this discussion. Watch all videos before beginning your discussion, because this helps you to think critically through your approach to the discussion. Because this board is summative, your answer is lengthy and well developed, and will include questions to other students rather than simple comments.

Thinking through the lessons that we see in this week’s videos, tie it all together toward sustaining change. What happens when YOU are the barrier to change? How do we recognize the problem when the problem is us? How do the videos help us learn to create and sustain change? As you look back over the term, what are the lessons that you believe will contribute to sustained change for your change initiative? What pieces, specifically, did you put in place to keep the initiative on track and to meet its intended outcome? Did you create a linked mission and vision to direct the change initiative? Did you include a communication plan to facilitate the change? As a ch ange agent, what perspective is the best fit for you personally? Did you play to your own strengths? Did you use any of the many tools in the text to guide your change initiative? For example, did you assess readiness for change?

How did the discussion boards and other assignments contribute to your personal changes? Did you perceive change in yourself? How will you sustain that change? Tie it all together to explain the lessons that stick with you as you complete your last case and prepare to complete the course. Tell us about Change Management.

1, Do NOT describe or restate the content of the discussion reading or video. Instead, choose one or two points that you find interesting/important and elaborate on those points in your discussion.

2, Required to include, minimum, two scholarly or peer-reviewed resources to support your response.

3, Do NOT use Wikipedia.com, wiki-anything, about.com, how.com, answers.com, blogs, or any other generic answer base, because you cannot verify the accuracy of the information on the website. Instead, search our extensive library databases to find articles that have contain verified information to support your discussion. If you find a blog from a notable source, you can include that information, but the blog will not count as one of your scholarly references.

4, Must be completed in APA style. That includes all citations, both in text and reference, and format. This includes indented paragraphs, font size, and other particulars that you will find specified in the APA manual. You will find an example of a paper written in APA style in Course Materials. Also, the APA style manual is a required text for this course. Discussion boards do not require cover pages, tables of content, and other front matter, and can be copied and pasted from a draft page, such that attachments are not necessary.

5.  you will see a checklist that will help you insure that your work meets graduate standards and decreases the likelihood that you will suffer oversights.

Check list:

   a, Did I discuss rather than describe the original content?

   b, Did I cite the original content as well as two scholarly sources to support my work?

   c, Did I support my discussion with reliable sources only?

   d, Did I integrate course and text material?

   e, Did I adhere to APA style?

This is about Ldrship of Innovation N Change class, and the textbook information is :

Palmer, I., Dunford, R. & Buchanan, D. A. (2017). Managing Organizational Change (Third Ed.)  Boston: McGraw- Hill Irwin.  This is NOT a looseleaf or custom text.

The related chapters of textbook are attached below, and the better for using at least one reference within the textbook.

Do not plagiarize, and it will be submit in turinitin.


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