Weekly Summary

Each week, you will be offered a bonus assignment, the Weekly Summary, by which you may earn one half point of your total final grade as extra credit.

It is not mandatory to participate in the extra credit bonus assignment and it will not detract from your final course grade if you choose not to participate. This is the ONLY Extra Credit offered in General Chemistry and all students are encouraged to complete it.

The Week 1 Weekly Summary bonus assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday ending Week 1.

Please provide a summary paragraph addressing specific items that you have enjoyed learning about during Week 1 and how chemistry is applied and utilized in the specific item/area/topic. In order, to earn the full extra credit points, your summary should be well thought out and a full paragraph (minimum 200-250 words).

Week 1 Topics include:

1. States of matter

2. Laws of Conservation

3. Different types of bonding

4. Why Scientists use SI Units instead of units linke inches and gallons?