A Current Issue in the Human Services Field

There are a number of controversies and issues that exist among practitioners in the human services field. These issues are complex and varied and include everything from which populations should be served, to what to do about welfare, to beginning and end of life decisions.

From your Reading and your own research, please respond to the following questions:

  • Describe Jansson’s five moral values involved with social welfare policies, giving examples of questions presented by each.
  • Choose one of these values and, using the internet and the Kaplan Library, find a current or proposed social policy that reflects that value.
  • Describe this policy and how you see it as impacting or representing that moral value. Do you agree with the policy? Do you think it is effective? Why or why not?
  • Choose one of the controversial issues described in the text and research the issue.
  • Discuss both the positive and negative sides of this issue, supporting your arguments with your research. 
  • Please select a different issue than has already been discussed by your classmates and be sure to expand on the information included in the text.