Project Directions: Click on the link CDEC 1358 Creative Arts Portfolio Format. Students will see the Directions for the Projects’ Format. This form is a blank copy for the Creative Arts Portfolio Format. You are required to use this form for the Cooking Experience Project and Play Dough Project. Be sure to save it to your computer as a Word doc. rtf (rich text format). Once you have completed each project, click on the File at the top of your Micro Soft Word tool bar. Then click on Save As to save each of your Creative Arts Portfolio Projects. Students should follow the Creative Arts Portfolio Format “only” for the recipe you are doing with the children (i.e. recipe name, objectives, ingredients, procedure, variation, aesthetic experiences, possible changes, summary, and resource).

In addition, I have provided the Creative Arts Portfolio Example Directions to use as a guideline to show you what information is needed for both of these projects. Be sure not to use the same objectives, variations, and aesthetic experiences, etc.… for both projects. Because each project is different and the age level is different, your objectives, variation, and aesthetic experiences, etc.… should reflect those differences. Students will use this format for both of these projects: Play Dough Project/Cooking Experience Project.

Portfolio Project A: Students will do a Cooking Experience Demonstration with a small group of children.

Students can do this cooking experience with a friend’s children, neighbor’s children, or your own children. The children’s ages should be from birth to age 8. Take pictures of the step by step process. These pictures should include images of the ingredients along with the children’s active participation. Complete this assignment by submitting photo images of the final product and the clean-up process.

Healthy Recipes: Students will submit five (5) healthy, nutritious kid-friendly recipes for young children. Recipes should contain: Name of the Recipe, List of Ingredients, Recipe Directions, and Website for each recipe. Student should provide more than one website for the five (5) recipes.

Note: Recipes should be inexpensive Cooking Experiences for young children.

Remember ingredients must be healthy and nutritious. No sugary snacks, chocolate, or any type of junk food.

Note: Confidentiality— Remember not to photograph the children’s faces for the purpose of confidentiality, unless you have written permission from the parents or legal guardians. The photo images should only consist of the children’s hands as they are actively participating in these projects. As far as taking pictures of your own children, that is your decision as the parent or legal guardian. Please remember these pictures are online and worldwide.

Upon completion, students will submit two (2) Word docs as attachments in rtf (rich text format).  One attachment is the completed
Creative Arts Portfolio Format and the five (5) healthy/nutritious recipes. The other attachment is the Photo Images from start to finish of this project of the children actively participating in this learning experience.