Conflict Nego (Week5-D1) Response To Students Post

In the negotiation sense, power can be viewed as the capacity to achieve an ideal outcome. At the point when a great many people consider power in the negotiation setting, they consider capacity to be being the control over another. The capacity to make another twist to your will or power another to do what they wouldn’t in any case do. Trying to expand power in relations to the next gathering regularly prompts distributive bargaining which can harm a relationship and may prompt wasteful outcomes. In any case, this can be a powerful device when the substantive issue is a higher priority than keeping up the relationship. Lets see about the types of power in negotiation:

  1. Position-based power: I would like to give Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister as an example for position-based power. He came to power in India as a prime minister, in 2014 and continued to win the next election. I would say that he is the best example for position-based power, because he used it in a right way and won the subsequent election. Being a prime minister of India, he became even more powerful and went on trips all around the world to strengthen his power all over the world.
  2. Relationship-based power: For relationship-based power, I would like to give an example of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He was the ex-captain of the Indian cricket team, and he was a people person. He would always put his team before anything else. He would take up responsibilities for his team and he used his power to take his team to a great extent and won the world cup in 2011 under his leadership
  3. Informational power: Elon Musk is a great example for informational power. He has enormous information on worldly matters and is considered as the most influential person on earth. He is ambitious with the information; he gained and want to start a civilization in Mars. That is just an example of how good he is with his informational power.
  4. Contextual power: Jayalalitha, the deceased chief minister of Tamil Nadu, India is a very good example of contextual power. She is very knowledgeable and always has a BATNA. Contextual intelligence additionally requires enthusiastic insight. Without sensitivity to the requirements of others, unadulterated intellectual examination and long experience may demonstrate lacking for viable leadership.

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The post Conflict Nego (Week5-D1) Response To Students Post appeared first on Essay Writers.

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